Wiki: Support team


This is a wiki page. Everyone is welcome to improve and add things related to the support messages we get.

In August 2018 we had too many support requests to reply to all of them.

  • We need people who can build up a team so we can reply to every support request.
  • And we need people who simply want to be part of this team.

Wanna join? Contact Kasper here (or kasper at trustroots dot org).

Types of support requests

Here’s an overview of various types of support requests.


Needs triaging.
If valid, open issue on GitHub.

Feature request.

If it makes a lot sense, open issue on GitHub.
If it makes some sense, open topic here on meta to discuss.
If it makes no sense, “thank you”?

Change of username

"Please go to "

Delete account

“Please go to to remove your account.”

References to other people

This happens. We need to reply to these and tell them that this is not the right channel and that we will have a feature on the website for this at some point.

User report

If they made an unpleasant experience, but both persons acted generally in the spirit of Trustroots, tell them to leave a reference describing their experience (as soon as we have them).

In distinct cases of harassment, we might suspend the offender. When suspending users, we should inform BeWelcome as well (username, name, email & city)[still waiting for confirmation for this procedure from BeWelcome; Warmshowers unfortunately told us they have no desire in working together on this].

Distinctly commercial profiles get suspended.


If a specific type of support requests occurs a lot, add a section here.

Wanna help?

Post here or contact guaka.

New Member Welcome team

Signing up for that.


I can reply to support requests.