Welcome to meta.trustroots.org


Welcome to meta.trustroots.org. This is a place to build and improve Trustroots.

It makes everyone happy if you use the same username that you use on Trustroots.

Brief description of our community:

  • This is for everyone who wants to help improve and grow Trustroots
  • You can find information and discussions
  • This is the place to check if you want to actively think and work on building this community

One important goal of this forum:

  • distill actionable tasks for developers to work on (and stay focused) in the form of GitHub issues.

Feel free to jump in by liking, replying and posting new topics.

Note that most content is publicly visible, but not indexed by Google and other search engines. (Disallow: /)

Correction: robots.txt is currently again the default Discourse robots.txt, which does allow some indexing. Will fix this.

Do we need this forum?