Trustroots Volunteers Tribe


I just created this:

Suggestions for edits and additions are very welcome.



After reading Kenny’s great suggestion about some deeper integration of hosting volunteers in general, the “Trustroots Volunteers” tribe could be a bit confusing to users.

What I would look for (and thought on a first glance) when seeing the new Trustroots Volunteers tribe was that it is a general tribe of Trustroots users that share a common passion for volunteering, not just for those users volunteering/working on Trustroots :slight_smile:

/edit: Right now I could think of adding a generic “Volunteering” tribe, and making it very clear this is the place where hosts/guests that wish to do volunteering on whatever level can come together. The “Trustroots Volunteers” tribe could maybe get some picture with the Trustroots logo included so it’s more visually clear that this tribe is more TR volunteering specific?


Good point @platschi, I updated the description to make this clearer and pointed to Kenny’s thread here

BTW let me know if you have additions and improvements for tribe descriptions.