Thread about tribes [was: Tribe suggestion: language enthusiasts]


Support request from earlier this year:

I would like to add the tribe “language enthusiasts” for people who want to meet up in a city and speak in different languages. :slight_smile:

I kinda like this. It can fit quite well with our mission and it can happen independently from hosting. It would require some thinking about what tech this requires (minimally).


I still didn’t understand why there are tribes.
At first it looked pretty to have few badges on the profile but now there are so many of them…

For my taste too many but I am more of a minimalist, those tribes give me a sour segregation taste.

Why not having them but is it the most important feature to developp ?


I kind of agree with cedric. So far the tribe only add some badges to my profile. Of course I could search for hosts only in the juggling tribe. But as Trustroots is still small, that would be not very clever.
So I think the tribes need some extra functions, like for example a place for discussions within the tribe. Meetings/events attached to a certain tribe would be also a nice thing.


We wanted to have tribes in the way we set them up to keep the network scalable. When we get to 1M members the hitchhikers that started this may not feel comfy with most people and vice versa, so by allowing folks to mainly interact with folks in their own tribes people who prefer can still have that same experience they’re currently having on Trustroots.

We surely need to add more features to tribes:

  • possibility to “vouch” for your contacts’ tribes
  • add tribes to meetings, great idea @wind (meetings also need tons of work)
  • around 200k members: possibility to set some kind of threshold
  • UI/UX needs to be adapted so we can have a lot more tribes easily
  • everyone should be able to start a tribe, but the tribe only becomes active with 150+ members in the tribe

First gotta roll out references and a couple of smaller things (e.g. start off with admin functionality). Unless more new devs start to become really active. This “first” just means currently active devs with proper knowledge of the code are working on this.


I agree with Cedric, I think there shouldn’t be many tribes or they would become a confusing feature.

I believe they should not exist just because they have enough members, but TR should choose them considering the specific need of filtering out searches (which is the main reason they exist, am I wrong?)
Therefore, in my humble opinion, TR should create a new tribe only if it helps people at filtering a target for specific and practical reasons.

For example, I think “travelling girls” (or a fun name like “girl power”) would be super useful for girls looking for women hosts. At the same time, a tribe like “Spirituals”, which I am a proud member of, is probably not a useful filter and could even be safely removed in the future.

This is just my point of view, I am confident that any decision will be ok because the only important thing is to create a positive, creative and welcoming community.

P.S. If you let members create tribes themselves, you must be prepared to see titles like “Scottish”, “Hungarians”, “Italians” etc. Some new tribes could be about politically divisive issues, like “Proud to be Catalan”, “Leave EU”. Do we really need them?


+1 for removing spirituals
+1 for creating a tribe called “travelling women”
about creating a tribe for burners i’m a bit unsure, sounds very specific for me, but also i don’t know the scene

generally i don’t know, the tribe idea is still not 100% clear to me. if it’s only so filter search, than maybe it’s not so important anyway. depends on what later functions are planned.


I have quite some thoughts on the tribes but I have put them already somewhere, start after the line
This seems to not fit here but I wanted to answer here because some of it does fit. Should I push it to the “Thread about tribes”-Topic?


I’m for the tribes. I would like to see one called “Zero Wasters”.

Why ? Because at home, I’m living zero waste, and I would like to see directly where I can meet people on my way to keep doing zero waste while travelling. I find it more and more difficult to go to people which are living with tons of plastic. Even though I can share my ideas with them, which can bring more people into sustainability, I would really like meanwhile, to meet fellow zero waster, and improve myself as well.

Eco-living tribe doesn’t fit, it’s not the same, as people sometime don’t do zero waste while living “eco-friendly” which is actually not coherent.


In my mind I have the idea of the tribes being actually separate groups that do not necessarily communicate besides on public forums but have their private channel. Like let every tribe have their own way of how people can join it (anyone/selected/exam/achievement) and how they structure it (hierarchy/rules/moderation) with their own power to their tribe (open for newbies/closed/hidden). And without random people clicking “join” being part of it able to create a fuss.

Why not make “Tribe” a variable of a user that can only have one value. Like, in reality, you are born into a tribe and that is basically the only way to be part of it. You are usually not welcome to any tribe if you come from the outside - speaking of real tribes here, not of hippies that have never heard the term “cultural appropriation”.

That is how this tribes create trust, by having a set of rituals and social rules or hierarchies that lead to being expelled if you break them.

Now it seems that what we call tribes is just a random (but very popular at liberal people) set of interests. You might have that interest or not, you could still be part of that tribe, no matter maybe you are interested or you just think it’s kinda cool.
I don’t think this is bad but I think it should not be the tribes. People from many different tribes can be mountaineering enthusiasts and I don’t think that slackliners is actually a community but just something that you do. It is different with sth like the LGBTQI tribe because it is not an interest as such but something that actually socially discriminates you in the world that we are living in.
I think it is much easier for people to trust someone who is part of a tribe no matter if they want or not. If everyone can click “join” on a button, that does not create trust.

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