Show last date the code was changed?


I’m doing some work on the footer and I have question for y’all: does it make sense to show the date of the last change in the code that is running the website? Or not? We could also show stuff only when you hover over the GitHub icon.

I think it’s nice to show that the code is alive and improving and it might incite people to help out with things. Mikael thinks it’s noise. So I’d like some more feedback before putting more effort into this.

We could take some of the information here:

See also,


And what about if code doesn’t change for a long time?
I agree with @Mikael that this doesn’t provide much information for users, even geeky ones. Plus, we already have a button to Github por people really interested.
I would not complicate things for the footer for the time being, and I’d move the “changelog” or activity updates to an announcement section somewhere (we can find out where later).


An announcement section would be good. Maybe as part of some kind of dashboard that users will land on right after logging in.

If the code doesn’t change for a long time it’d be a motivation - for me at least - to do something.

Related: It’s very useful to know which branch is deployed on, and when that happened.


BeWelcome has a community news section for this in the start page:
If you are talking about that’s a different thing. There I do see useful last commit hash and branch.


For a designed “health” page with other metrics, it could be useful, otherwise a bit too cryptic for me.