Several hosting locations?


Support request:

I was wondering if I can appear as hosting on the map in 2 places? I live in … right now but I’ve been sending travellers to my parents house in … because I though more people will enjoy but I wanna host in both places on trustroots. How do I do that?

What do you think? Should we make it possible to host at several hosting locations?


That would be a bit confusing, right?

What about having the ability of having a few address and choose which of them is valid at a specific moment.

So if I’m at my place I go to my profile page and set “I’m at $HOME” and if I’m traveling and I’m at at my parents house where I can host some one I would go to my profile and set “I’m at $PARENTS”.

And with that I would apper as hosting on the map in 1 place only.


This comes up every now and then in support requests, but quite rarely. It’s an edge case need so hard to justify time spent on it and complexities it adds to development, design and makes the app more complicated to use and understand, too. So it’s like a trade off that might make sense in order to keep things more simple.

That said, we’ve kept the database structure in purpose flexible so that one user can have multiple hosting offers in the database. These offers could be something else than hosting offers, too.

Instead of multiple locations per person, something where multiple people share one location might make more sense in terms of how common the need for the feature is.


Sounds like many to many could make everyone happy.


Yep, let’s keep eyes open for example cases and see if this pops up on feedback more often?