Rideshares in Trustroots


Just bumped into this ancient page https://wiki.trustroots.org/en/Rideshares

What would be the simplest way to implement a rideshare feature that has a good chance to get used by people?

Personally I’m thinking of a way for hitchhikers to share their location and the need for a ride. These days I’m driving much more than hitchhiking, and I’d love to pick up people on the way.

Ideally it’ll be feature that can also be used for other things.

BTW I have http://rideshares.org/ - happy to use it for this at some point, if it makes sense.


The European and global market is dominated by blablacar. They have the database, but often charge fees and are definitely not for hitchhikers.

realtime location matching sounds cool, but how difficult is it. Modern hitchhikers often have a 4G connection and coverage on the road, so do drivers. Since it’s not time critical updating every few minutes is enough.

The site should be integrated with hitchwiki (with a widget presenting nearby rides?). With an API polling the location of all drivers this could be really cool in areas where a lot of hitch-friendly people live (like the communities in Portugal I guess).

Some people will find the idea scary, but once we convince them it’s a gift economy version of a real-time taxi fleet visualisation, the future is ours :slight_smile:


If you are going somewhere (by car), perhaps with some regularity, it could serve as a heatmap.
Routing is done by many frameworks, and if popular enough it could do the same

walk 5 minutes, wait,
person confirmed to drive 1 will take you to B,
walk 40 minutes,
person confirmed to drive 2 will take you to C

What I really want is to share a ride on bicycle. Not tandem, just to go along with people, or have someone join up for my rides.