Public (last minute) requests notifications


Me & @guaka were discussing offline here in the collective idea of last minute requests.

For me it was one of the killer things in CS before it changed, that you could write to a last minute city group when you hitchhiked in and get hosted quickly. It was more like getting hosted by a driver during the journey. Nowadays CS has this public trips feature where you can publish the info about you and hosts can write you.

Do you think this would be a useful feature? In what form? How to call it? Or just rebrand Meet feature? Currently it would be useful mostly for European capitals, since they have 30+ hosts there. Maybe it is not useful until TR reaches bigger userbase. My ideas:

  1. Hosts could set he wants to receive notifications for his area. Travellers could add their public trip to the map (maybe just a subcategory of meet?) and willing hosts in ?some? distance would receive notification. Actually it could work for both meet offers / public requests.

Problems: Unless there is enough people who would receive such notification, it will not be used. But if we would send notifications to everyone it’d open the door for spam. Maybe it could be implicitly turned on with possibility to opt out? Maybe this would make people also use Meet feature more?

  1. Maybe it’d be enough to just add “Last minute OK” option to the host and then be able to filter out the last minute hosts?

OK so just my rough idea, what do you think?


At the moment I am using a lot of since I am on a bicycle trip. The amazing thing is: min. 75% work as last minute request. Many many hosts totally understand that you don’t know where you end up and are happy to help. The ones that I met - all of them - registered on warmshowers because they really wanted to host other cyclist, not just because it is cool to have a profile (Trustroots).
I think the more this turns into a social network the harder it will be to use it for the idea of hosting hitchhikers.
More and more people do not respond or respond 2-3 weeks after request.

I thought the original idea of trustroots was a portal basically for emergency hosting. :slight_smile:

I would have it as a feature that people can opt in(!). To actively set profile to “yes AND last minute” which the green dot should IMHO indicate. But so many that are green don’t actually host. Which is contradictory somewhat :wink: