New Member Welcome team


In the process of leaving most Facebook groups I bumped across the NMW group. The New Member Welcome team was a great way to welcome new members on couchsurfing, it was shut down by the corporation at some point. Before that, I think it helped a lot in setting a good vibe and people where invited to events, creating additional trust and allowing people to slowly get acquainted with the “couchsurfing spirit”.

I think


  • will help to scale trust
  • can be done by tribe
  • great for creating the “spirit of trustroots”


  • Requires effort to set up (code, people) and moderate (code, people)
  • NMW team itself may not be scalable

What do you think?
Would you be willing to lead this effort yourself? Or do you know someone who would?


Finding people to welcome shouldn’t be a problem but first someone needs to build the system.
Personally I am happy to send welcoming messages, reply to enquiries… but not to programm anything.


I know this from BeWelcome as well, but remember the message I got as quite long, unpersonal copy-paste thing (from somebody far away I would probably never meet) that I had no interest to follow up on…
If our main goal is more real-life interaction, I have another suggestion: When a new member signs up, let’s show some kind of “notification” to the geographically nearest members of their tribes (and maybe suggest them to welcome them).
If some people like the idea, we can think about the right place where this notification could point to… I think the rather empty tribe page would be a nice place.


What do you think about flipping this around and letting computer do the initial sending as we already do; we have 3 welcome sequence emails going to everyone. We encourage people write back to those emails and get quite a few insightful replies (and we could encourage even more). There should be humans replying them back.

Right now these welcome messages are emails, but there’s no reason they couldn’t be messages within the Trustroots inbox, thus making them even more personal.

I’d also like us to see handle support queue for a while well, so that it’s stable, before taking on more member communication.


I like the idea of darioha. If this would be technically possible would be really nice.

I think a new members welcome team is useful in terms of volunteering. So for a first time volunteer might be a good thing to start with. Everything else like support or developement might be to complicated though. So it’s like a first step into volunteering and later those people can join other teams. But maybe for the moment is not the first priority of TR to have new members welcome team.


Doing support is actually surprisingly quick thing to learn and a great way to learn insights of the project. :slight_smile:


Yay, check this if you wanna help with this support: Wiki: Support team