Map search evolution


There is one big problem with the map search when searching in a big city and unfortunately there are a lot of big cities.

Just taking Paris as an example:

There is a point with 40 members, I click on it then there are plenty of points and then you have to start playing clicking on those points, remember which one you already did to find out who is active, who is not.
With a smartphone and a slow connection it’s a nightmare.

I think that one point should cover a 10 or 20 km range. Meaning that all hosts in that area appear in a list, you leave the list you get back to the map.

It’s certainly hard and long to do the change but it is necessary and if tomorrow in Paris there are let say 400 members and only 10 really active, those active hosts would be lost in the ocean of points.
There is also nothing more frustrating to go through 10 or more unactive profiles, and new members would quickly get bored looking for someone active.

Honestly the situation isn’t great today but it can’t get better by itself. More members, a greater mess. A greater mess, less active members and the mess get even worse.

For me this the greatest issue with TR. The search engine is the most important tool, at the beginning it was nice to be map only, in cities it’s just impossible to only have a map.