Let's translate Trustroots!


Once the volunteers of an international hospitality project met in Spain. After an eventful day the volunteers went to the next bar and eventually told the barkeeper about their project. The barkeeper was interested to join, but he only spoke Spanish and the international project only had an English website. [End of Story]

This experience last week motivated me even more to get the ball of translations rolling. It would be really cool to spread Trustroots also between non-English-speakers.

As I understood it, these were the causes that translations were not a high priority until now:

  • a lot of work managing the volunteering :arrow_right: I’d be happy to act as a translation team organizer!
  • different languages have to be taken into account in design process
  • they were not requested much in support emails :arrow_right: not surprising, as we only attracted English speaking members so far (btw we already have more than 800 non-English-speakers right now :slight_smile: )

What do you think about these downsides? Do you think we should still wait with translations?

Who wants to contribute to translating Trustroots?

  • implementing multiple language support in the code
  • translating into your mother tongue

Related github issues:
#492 Support multiple languages (i18n)
#75 profile checkbox “I want to help with building Trustroots”


Mikael wrote on Slack that we’ll be migrating from Angular v1 to React initial proof of concept GitHub PR here. And that it makes sense to add translation functionality to the React code, not to the Angular code.

This is great, because by now many more people know React than Angular v1 - and I think this migration can be finished in a relatively short time. And it gets us a translatable website with little extra (coding) effort.


PR to add i18n framework: https://github.com/Trustroots/trustroots/pull/921