Hosting Volunteers option


Forgive me if this has already been discussed elsewhere, still exploring all the communication channels; this now seems like the best one for fleshing out ideas.

Many people travel using WOOFing, HelpX, Workaway, etc (all/most require payment); it’s a nice option to have longer stays and be part of a project. This could be rolled into TR easily.

Updating Hosting Status
Accommodation status currently has: I can host, I might be able to host and I can’t currently host. This could be changed to: I can host, I can host volunteers, Both and I can’t currently host.

Firstly, combining “can” and “might”, as in reality everyone is a “maybe”. This would also free up colors for dots on the map! Secondly, it will allow people to host traditionally (1-3 nights) or invite long-term volunteers to help on the farm, etc.

In search a “Volunteering” filter can be added in addition to “Hosts” and “Meetups”.

Volunteer hosts dots could be the new orange dots (or another color?), there could be a split-color dot for those with “Both” as their hosting status.

*As a side note, I think the filters in search might benefit from having their representative dot color next to them so new members are more clear on what they’re looking at on the map.

2nd iteration features
“Skills” and “Skills Requested” fields on profiles for travelers and hosts respectively would be massively helpful once/if this volunteering feature catches on.

Imagine as a traveler zooming out to all of Europe or the world and filtering to Volunteer hosts looking for “techie” help. Or a host being able to search members with “carpentry” skills and inviting them to stay and build a tree house. Would be awesome!


Wow! I really love this one!
I hope someone finds some time to implement it :sweat_smile:
I also like the rationale that “I can host” and “I might be able to host” are essentially the same thing.