Do we need this forum?


No one posting so far. So I guess not :slight_smile:


Only time will tell. :slight_smile:


Much better way to discuss stuff than Slack I think


I agree on @darioha. Forums are much more organized then the slack channels and we don’t have to worry about the 10.000 messags limit they have for non paid accounts. Forums are easier to manage, to search and to navigate.

But @mrkvon is right…only the time will tell…I vote to keep it \o/


On Slack we’re losing more and more history here every day. I can go back to July last year now (with a search on my name), but with the current volume on Slack we will quickly get to 2018 only.


On Slack we’re losing more and more history here every day.

That’s not necessarily bad neither; I think the expectation is that it’s not everlasting log. If we’d have paid Slack account, we could still probably limit it to something like 2 years.

That will put more pressure to actually documenting what is important, what has to be done, good ideas and such. We shouldn’t be relying on chat logs for things like that anyway.

It’s perfectly okay to brainstorm and discuss at Slack, but we can make sure that when discussion becomes big enough, we record it here or at GitHub.

I’m expecting forum to be more like GitHub but for non-technical issues.


Yes, both Slack and Discourse are useful for different things!


How many people are aware there is TR forum ?
How many people are regularly having a look at their profile ?
How many people actually follow the blog ?

If it wasn’t for a ticket I sent 2 years ago and for the reply I got today I wouldn’t know about the forum…

If you want people to post here perhaps you should tell them this place does exist.
Maybe an email send to all TR members ?


Apart from that a forum is useful only if the ideas expressed are considered.
Unfortunately BW and CS have shown how discussions can go one way and actions go the opposite way.


Welcome here Cedric!

Good point. Before sending an email to 1000s of people I prefer to grow this slowly and see how it develops. We’re not even 100% sure if we want to keep this forum. The way it’s going now it looks like we will keep it, and we’ll probably start by mentioning meta in a blog post.

Whoever finds it now are the right people to get this started (or not:)


Just thought out loud together with Dario.

It’s kind of annoying to have different places to have discussions. But it’s also annoying for coders who just wanna code to be forced to see tons of discussions - so long discussions on GitHub are not so great.

Thinking along this line, one very important goal of this forum is to distill actionable tasks for developers to work on (and stay focused) in the form of GitHub issues. (Added to welcome post.)

On another (meta) level, the Collective is a great place to think and talk about Trustroots a lot, and some of these real life talks end up as topics and posts on this forum.