I haven’t been a very active contributor but at various times I thought to contribute more but the “not a priority right now” or “nice idea but…” responses demotivate me (reminds me too much of childhood or something!). It’s not really clear what the priorities are, how they translate into specific things to do, and how to influence them.

This is worth a discussion.

We (as in we the board) have tried milestones in the past, but that didn’t really lead to much more than the first steps being implemented. I think it’s better to try do-ocracy or adhocracy for a while, and be clear about this to people.

I think that stuff can and should happen if:

  • if this stuff is generally considered a good idea (this requires some discussion, but not too much)
  • someone wants do something
  • that person can do it mostly by themselves (or gets other people to do it, for free or even for money)

And then I thought it could be nice and even helpful to add random pics to posts. Is was here when I started this draft.