Couchwiki =>

#1 “is a travel community guide for anyone involved in hospitality exchange networks”. I’m hosting it. But not much mention of Trustroots yet. Also, not much activity really. No real edits since at least June this year.

Possible things to do:

  • salvage content by moving useful info to
  • more mention of trustroots

Dec 5th update:


Why not have a wiki on the Trustroots Website? As a base TR could use couchwiki.


This is a very interesting idea!

We could simply move to, right?

What do other people think of this?

Looks like there’s not much of an active community at Couchwiki:


I think it’s a great idea, as long as would still be publicly available. With the name “Couchwiki” it’s still somehow involuntarily advertising “Couchsurfing” as the hospex network


Good idea, even though I agree with @darioha : at the moment most of the pages treat CS as if it was the only hospex site to consider :slight_smile:


I think couchwiki fits much better to TR than to nomadwiki. There are articles like “how to be a good guest” and “how to be a good host”. Couchwiki should be also linked from the TR website. By time we can transform it from “couchwiki” into “TR wiki”. I think not so many adaptations are needed. Couch request could be called hosting requests. Instead of linking CS we link TR. Maybe in some cases we can remove the link to CS completely and mention only non-profit networks like TR, BW and Warmshowers. Instead of I would make it and try to integrate it more in the website. For a while of course will link to



This could become a good source of traffic and thus nice signups.

Here’s an overview of organic traffic coming in from Google, in the last 90 days.
(The gibberish is a link to a page in Russian about how to be a good guest.)

Here are some keywords:

(These screenshots are from, the SEO tool I’ve built, I can explain more about these if someone is interested. And btw screenshots are really easy with Discourse, I can just make “copy-screenshot” [CmdShift4 on Mac] and paste it in here.)


It could be good to leave a message on the talk page of each of these users:


E.g. something like

At some point in the past you were active on Couchwiki. There has hardly been been any activity on this wiki recently. At the same time we are seeing (and creating) more activity around Trustroots, and we thought it could be interesting to refurbish this wiki as the Trustroots Wiki, hosted at What do you think? ~~~~

Looks OK like this? Ideally some of these folks will come and join again :slight_smile:

I just started this page to help manage this transition:


While does not work yet. This one works already Nice…
Couchwiki was suffering from an extreme lack of activity and has been hijacked by Trustroots. It is now the Trustroots Wiki.


(@wind note you can quote parts with > characters.)


Will there be a link from Trustroots website to the TR wiki?
Will it be possible to edit the TR wiki with normal TR account?

Besides that great work guaka!


Thanks for!
I added a link from to this page.

Now there’s also a link to the wiki in the footer on quite a few pages on desktops.

Logging in with TR account is desirable, but tricky.

The most important thing that’s relatively doable is setting up a responsive skin.


Is it possible to rename “jugglers tribe” into “jugglers”? because the other tribes (hitchhiking, families and so on) also don’t have the addition “tribe”…



Here’s how to move pages:




@guaka: Why you don’t want “safety” on the wiki main page? I think it’s important topic and should be more visible in TR and also the wiki.

Please when you make a roll back next time only revert my last change (like this one about safety). Because with this complete roll back you also reverted some useful changes of mine.


Hey, it looks like you reverted yourself, probably unknowingly. I saw that but didn’t know if that was intended or not.


Feel free to undo your reverts, I think it’s good to have safety linked from the main page.


It seems the only people using the wiki are guaka and me and some people posting spam there.
I think we have to make the wiki more known to all Trustroots users, otherwise it’s kind of useless and will die the same way like couchwiki did.


I had a chat with midsch. He was the main guy removing spam from Couchwiki in the past time. He said he totally agrees with making Couchwiki to Trustroots Wiki, because there was no perspective for Couchwiki. But since it’s called Trustroots wiki, he does not remove spam any more.

But on the other site no new people come in from Trustroots to use that wiki. I think it’s also because nobody knows about it. The wiki is linked from the juggling tribe, what is a very small tribe, but that’s it, no more links.

Like this there is no perspective and future for Trustroots wiki. I will soon give up as well. I think we can completely remove the wiki or integrate it in Nomadwiki.

It will only work if new people come in from Trustroots and we massively link TR and TR wiki.