Android app that updates your Meet location


I whipped this up while at the collective, I’m linking to the .apk here for anyone who wants to try it out:

From the app you can post a Meet on Trustroots with your description (“I’m hitchhiking”, “Anyone wanna hang out?”, etc). It will use your phone’s location (gps usually) to set the Meet’s location. It’s set to update every 30 minutes if your location has changed, or if you manually push “update” again, which you can do at any time to change your description/location. You can also uncheck “Sharing location” which will delete your Meet from Trustroots.

This is my first shot at this, so I’d love some feedback from anyone who wants to give it a test run. There’s already some issues:

  • You have to login twice: Once for the app, once for the webviewer (just a wrapper of pointing to your Meet location). Authentication needs to be improved…
  • GPS sometimes takes a little time to catch, walking around a little bit seems to jog it on… I’m looking into this more.
  • I’m not so sure the app works in the background yet, meaning you may have to actually open it from time to time and let it update your location… need to fool with this more too.

In time I’ll improve this and move it to the Play store so updates will be automatic, but for now you can download the .apk here:

In time I’ll add features to append #hitchhiking, #driving, #needhost, etc to the description so the app can start connecting people with notifications. Few more ideas to make this more useful, but I think it’s already kinda cool.


Very awesome!

When iPhone? :wink:


Super cool! This idea has great potential for hitchhiking in the future, I think.

I just tested it in the last days. As you mention, it’s not working in the background yet (Cyanogenmod 13; adding an exception for battery optimization did not change anything). Apart from that, yep, it’s already very cool!