Add a new field with an url link to wikis


I’m thinking that we could add a new field to the tribes pages with a link to their wiki, for the cases they have a popular wiki.

For instance, nomads will have a link to; dumpster divers to; hitchhikers to and vegans to

This would add -although external, like-minded- more content, ways of interaction and engagement to the tribes. Furthermore, we could see if people are interested on more interaction and content by monitoring the activity on these wikis and the clicks on these links. Also, it requires very few extra work.

Give me some love if you like the idea :slight_smile:


Tribes without known wiki could have just have a page or category in Trustroots wiki.



  • Helps trustroots users find like-minded people on the internet
  • Creates the perception of stronger ties between Tribes and existing online communities
  • Seems slightly more user friendly, by acknowledging the other places exist


  • Doesn’t (directly) contribute to Trustroots’ goal of encouraging face-to-face interactions
  • [Assuming there is some structured way to link to the external community] Presumes the existence of a place to link to, which could be contentious: in reality, there are 0, 1, or many.
  • Adds the burden of maintaining diplomatic relationships with the external sites. What are the criteria for keeping/dropping the links based on the other sites’ behavior? Inevitably somebody will have to make judgement calls on some related matter.

Overall, I am weakly in favor of linking to sites that have overlapping organizers (hitchwiki, trashwiki, …), but only so far as putting the links in the free-form descriptions of those Tribes. And it might be better to just mention, in passing, that online communities do exist.


You’ve got a point @chreekat.
But what about having one page in Trustroots wiki for each tribe and link to there? In that wiki page, people could link to any number of other wikis / resources.
Thereby, you get all benefits and no one of the drawbacks.
Also, This can serve as a good testing step for what and how future features the tribes should have.


So far the tribes remind me a bit of the groups in Hospitality Club. The only thing you could do there was joining the groups, no more functions.
Later came Couchsurfing with good working groups and with nicer design and suddently Hospitality Club was history.
I think the idea of abel-por-que-no is excellent and we should link the wikis in a prominent place, not somewhere hidden. I’m fine with only linking those sites with overlapping organizers.

But I think it’s also excellent idea that for the other tribes we could create wiki pages in the Trustroots wiki and link those wiki pages then.

I added a list of all tribes to the article about TR,
Also I made one example with the Jugglers Tribe,


@chreekat, I’d mostly like to limit links to either a link on Trustroots wiki or a wiki that we control. Then on Trustroots wiki anyone can add relevant links to good resources.

If Trustroots (and the Foundation) go into the right direction I’d like to put control of all these wikis to the Trustroots Foundation - both domain names and servers.
(Bumped into a mention of digihitch on couchwiki, which is a good reminder to really do this properly. Digihitch was a great hichhiker forum, mainly active with US hitchhikers, but when Salman died his family didn’t seem to want to communicate with me and others, and then the whole thing disappeared from the web.)

I don’t feel like starting any new wikis, but when there’s a good match it can be good if a community “gets” its own wiki. E.g. even though it never took off a good amount work has been put in and it’s much easier to revive a wiki that already has 100s of pages than to start a new one.

Indirectly I do expect the wikis to encourage plenty real life interaction. If active enough, with enough quality, the wikis are a great channel for new signups (through Google and Facebook) and thus also a great way to attract more people to Trustroots (just like Hitchwiki itself was really the only way to get enough critical mass initially).


BTW quite a few pages on now have an edit button, which takes you to the template on GitHub, check e.g. - which already has a link to the wiki :slight_smile:


I am a total fan of a more fluid connection between all these wikis themselves and trustroots. I still do not understand why all this wikis are split apart and split off trustroots. :slight_smile: all this wikis are the digital roots that grow this traveling community. Hosting, exploring, sharing. At the moment they are all different trees in a forest with roots that are intertwined but one that is hard to navigate. If they were a single tree it would be much easier to navigate those topics I think.


I agree there should be much more links.
The Trustroots wiki should be fully integrated in the TR website.
The other wikis should be linked.
Hitchwiki and Nomadwiki have a big reputation, it’s important that access there is possible also without Trustroots profile.